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Who I Am and What I Believe -- A Personal Statement


I have been a leader in the association, foundation, and nonprofit profession for over 30 years. From the very first day, I have felt a passion for this profession which represents every industry, profession, and philanthropic cause. We make a difference each and every day.

I am known for being an outcome-oriented visionary leader and innovator who has helped shape the nonprofit profession. I believe that my leadership, passion, creativity, energy and commitment can help organizations succeed. I am seen as being honest, direct, straightforward, and as a risk taker and creative person who has always walked my talk.

Learning through the school of experience, seeing opportunities and making them a reality, focusing on the big strategy as well as the details, and developing outstanding relationships with volunteers, staff and outside publics have been hallmarks of my career. I am a solid leader who can be counted on to deliver and would enjoy having the opportunity to work with organizations who want to achieve beyond the ordinary.
I also have a powerful commitment to the advancement of women leaders and all leaders, both current and future leaders who want to become extraordinary. 

Susan Sarfati, CAE


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