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Susan Sarfati is an accomplished speaker who delivers powerful messages in a direct style based on real-life experiences. She also has a commitment to researching the most up to date information based on her philosophy of lifelong learning. Some of Susan's favorite speech topics are outlined below, and all can be customized to meet the needs of any audience.


15+ Strategies & Tactics to Engage and Grow Members

Interested in cutting edge strategies and tactics to build loyalty and commitment to your organization? Why do people join organizations these days? What keeps them engaged? What can you provide when industry information, a critical member need, is so readily available, plentiful and free from other sources? How do you build the sense of community that people are so hungry for? How do you capture the hearts and minds of your stakeholders and engage them for the long term? This session will explore these questions and prepare you to succeed in the 21st century.


Surprise, Delight, and Challenge: Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences

Is the success of an organization based on the quality of its products or services? On offering the best value for the price? In part, yes. But the real key to success lies in creating an exceptional customer experience. Susan Sarfati shares the principles and practices of the "Surprise, Delight, and Challenge" branding program that helped her and her team propel organizations to unprecedented heights of success. Would you join your own organization in these challenging economic times? Capturing the hearts and souls of your constituents and being more vigilant than ever about exceeding customer expectations is the way to the top. This interactive session will create a renewed passion for service and generate specific ideas for surprising, delighting, and

challenging your stakeholders. 


Extraordinary Leadership in Turbulent Times

It's not easy being a great leader, even in good times. But when times are turbulent, as they are now, being an extraordinary leader requires even more focus, creativity, and exceptional thinking. Susan Sarfati, who specializes in developing unique solutions to move organizations forward, will provide new ideas and answers to the challenges your organization now faces.


Principles and Practices of Effective Board Governance

Boards of Directors are almost always filled with bright and energetic people who have the ability to not only lead an effective organization, but raise it to new heights. But it doesn't happen by magic. The chief staff executive must create an environment and structure that supports positive ideas and change. Susan Sarfati is known for her ability to bring out the best in the many boards she has served, and describes the principles and practices that allowed these boards to succeed.


25+ Success Strategies for Women Leaders

Susan Sarfati represents a powerful example of how women can succeed in top-level leadership positions. Women have more power and potential than they realize. Susan will demonstrate how women can overcome barriers and succeed in business and in life, feel good about themselves, and shatter the glass ceiling. Susan will also share mistakes and she and others have made, resulting in solid lessons for moving forward successfully.


Developing Extraordinary Personal Relationships: Honing Your Interpersonal Skills

High performance individuals, teams and organizations do not just happen. They are created by leaders who know how to develop positive personal relationships. Leading and managing people, whether they are your clients, staff, vendors, or the media, requires you to have highly developed interpersonal skills. How you interact with people has a direct impact on your productivity, the performance and satisfaction of employees, recruitment and retention of talented staff and volunteers, and the establishment of quality ongoing relationships with all your stakeholders. This interactive session teaches the skills necessary for 21st century leadership!    


Stress and Time Management: How NOT to Sweat the Small Stuff

We all have the same amount of time in a given day, week, and year. It is whether or not we use our time wisely that makes the difference in living a productive and enjoyable life or one full of hassles and stress. Attend this course to learn how to put yourself in the driver?s seat and in charge of your time and your life. This course will teach techniques to control the most valuable commodity you have -- your time. Are you frequently overwhelmed by putting out fires and the crisis of the day? Do your days seem to slip by unproductively and/or are they filled with frustration? Are you effectively managing in this 24/7 world - with technology and information overload? This session will provide tools, tips and tactics to live your life more productivity so you avoid sweating the small stuff


Principles and Practices of Social Responsibility

Susan Sarfati is a powerful ambassador for social responsibility, creating a social responsibility movement for ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership. It began with the first-ever Global Summit on Social Responsibility for the nonprofit community, a highly interactive conference that Susan conceived and developed. She also engaged organizations such as the United Nations and adapted their successful models for associations. Susan has since gone on to build even more social responsibility programs for other organizations, including foreign government agencies. She will share her remarkable experience in this area and deliver the principles and practices that make it work. Susan has completed a six-month global social responsibility project for three organizations in Amman, Jordan through USAID. As part of that project, she developed a 300-page social responsibility training manual which is considered a landmark accomplishment and can readily be shared with your organization and/or form a prototype of a document you can produce for your organization.


Trees of Truth: The Courage to Stand Tall and Build Trust

Too often in this world, people fail to speak up as a serious problem or situation unfolds. The fear of negative repercussions, conflict, or personal loss sometimes causes this lack of action. But if leaders and organizations are to thrive, we must overcome this fear and have the courage to act -- to stand tall and support the truth and values that are fundamental to success. Susan Sarfati draws on her own experience and the wisdom of dozens of world leaders to show how this positive personal philosophy can improve leaderships and build healthy organizations.


Transformational Leadership

How can you imagine, create, and build a future that no one else sees and be successful? Hear from someone who has done it! Susan Sarfati built a 30-year career that took her to the pinnacle of the association world by creating events, organizations, and movements that no one else envisioned. Her powerful vision energized and motivated thousands of volunteers and staff to make these entities thrive. She will show how to create a mindset and entrepreneurial environment that can generate these types of ideas and make them happen.


The Greatest Leadership Secrets from "Extra" Ordinary People

What if you could glean one or two or more "life lessons" from 100 + of the world's top leaders from many walks of life, including politics, entertainment, sports, and more? Now you can! Join Susan Sarfati as she recounts her experiences with world-famous people who appeared in the 13-year Nation's Capital Distinguished Speaker Series at The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. She will deliver the insightful life lessons that each of them offered in their speeches and through informal behind-the-scenes conversations with presidents, prime ministers, scientists, entertainers, sports figures and global superstars.


Fundraising with a Mission

Individuals and organizations are ready to give. In fact, they are eager for it -- even in tough economic times. But they need a powerful mission and cause to believe in, and someone to bring it to life. Susan Sarfati, who led fundraising programs that generated more than $10 million, will share her secrets for creating and communicating a mission that can attract strong support.