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Growing Leaders &
Organizations That
Stand Tall

About Us

Throughout history, great leaders and organizations have stood tall because of their solid values and strong leadership abilities. They also have the courage to take a stand when they know it is the right thing to do and therefore are highly successful in advancing their organizations to achieve extraordinary accomplishments. 
High Performance Strategies is dedicated to growing leaders and organizations that stand tall, advancing core values through all challenges. It is this focus that helps organizations succeed.
Founded by Susan Sarfati following a 30-year career that took her to the highest levels of the association management profession, High Performance Strategies provides a wealth of innovative ideas and creative problem-solving designed to move organizations forward.
These solutions are based on real-world experience and proven successes. During her career, Susan Sarfati's accomplishments include conceiving and launching the Nation's Capital Distinguished Speakers Series and The Center for Association Leadership. She also created the Global Summit on Social Responsibility, which was the catalyst for a larger social responsibility movement across the association profession.
Susan has a powerful commitment to principles such as superior customer service, building and sharing knowledge, creating positive volunteer and staff cultures, and more. These create the foundation for a rich array of consulting solutions that Susan can customize to meet the needs of any organization.

Whether your need is for an in-depth consulting assignment, a launch of a new initiative or program, a consulting project,  or a speech for small or large conference, High Performance Strategies is available to discuss options that meet your needs and surpass your expectations.

Areas of Expertise:

1.  Organizational assessments

2.  Best practices and innovative thinking in organizational strategy

3.  Leadership and management development

4.  Customer service

5.  Women’s leadership

6.  Social responsibility strategies and tactics

7.  Creating experiences at events and
     building learning communities

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